Recurring Corporate Transportation    

One of the ways All Pro Charter regularly assists companies in the Northern VA / Maryland / Washington D.C. area is by setting up regular corporate transportation for your corporate events.

Here are three reasons to take advantage of a recurring corporate ground transportation contract.

No hassle planning

If you are consistently planning events that happen frequently, you are probably reaching out the same people over and over and setting up similar contracts every time. Instead of putting extra effort into events that you know will happen regularly, enlist All Pro Charter to take care of the ground transportation for you. It will be one less thing to worry about.

Customized Schedule

With our corporate shuttles, we are able to create a customized schedule which allows for a stress free reservation. By setting a customized schedule, there is plenty of room for flexibility. With recurring events, this sets a standard for your employees and allows you to easily meet their expectations.

Employee Focused Perception

One of the most important things for a company is how their employees and contractors perceive them. By setting up recurring corporate ground transportation to optional or mandatory trainings and corporate events, you are making it clear that you are an employee centric company. Instead of requiring your employees to find their own way or spend their own money on transportation, you are doing it for them. That perception will go a long way.

If your company has any of these types of events, reach out to All Pro Charter today to schedule recurring corporate ground transportation.

  • Quarterly corporate events
  • Monthly or bimonthly trainings
  • Corporate retreats
  • Conferences

We look forward to helping you with your recurring corporate events!

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